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Hey LemonFizz here.

I look after the baby Lemon cars from Cars 2.

Witness the care, hardship, sadness and the struggle to survive as LemonFizz battles her way too protect her adopted children into adult hood.


Rough Digital Sketches
Rough Digital Sketches - Rough not cleaned Digital sketches. No colours. (This is not including Colour I only put that colour image there for rough sketching purposes) 

(Additional characters - 30 points per character)
Clean Digital Lineart
Clean Line artwork. Plain colour Background (No Detail just colour of your choice)

(Additional characters - 60 points per character) 
Flat Colour Artwork
Flat Coloured artwork.

(Additional characters - 80 points per character )

(This includes a plain colourful BG of your choose of colour scheme, Boarder colour's optional)
Coloured and Shaded
Coloured and Shaded Artwork (Character Only)

(Additional characters - 100 points per character)

(This includes a plain colourful BG of your choose of colour scheme)
Full Coloured and Shaded With Background
Fully Coloured Character and detailed Background. (if you want a certain background please tell me what background you have in mind)

(Additional characters - 150 points per character)
NSFW Full Colour (With Plain Background)
NSFW Fully coloured with shading and a plain background. (Boarder is optional)

Link for the full image will be in the description once uploaded.

(first 2 character's are in with the original price, but if you want Additional characters - 100 points extra)
NSFW Full Colour shaded and Detailed Background
Fully coloured and full background of your choice. 

Full version will be uploaded on my fur affinity page and tumblr page.

(first 2 character's are in with the original price, but if you want Additional characters - 150 points per character)




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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hello, People of the world!!!!

Before I introduce myself I want to say A BIG THANK YOU!! Too all who fav my work, comment on my work, Watch my page and visit my page. I always look forward to having new watchers/followers to my page. I Thank you.

Right now to introduce myself.

My name is Lauren, I am 22 year's old and I am in my final year of my BA Hons course in animation based in Cardiff.

My dream is too one day be part of the AMAZING!!! Pixar Animation Studio's!! As a Story board artist. If I ever get into Pixar, my dream would be to storyboard a Pixar car's movie or short.

My DA Family


:iconshadowtoyotacelica: AND :iconmoonwolf03:

Please go check out these guy's pages!!! They are worth a look trust me.


I will give you a rough backstory as to how Why i want this dream job......Back in 2006 I was starting secondary/high school. From the start of school I was constantly bullied for being me, I even had my artwork stolen of my and placed in the bin. I was began to have suicidal thought's and self harming myself, then Pixar released a movie called ''CARS'' I saw the poster and instantly fell in LOVE with the movie, and once I saw it in the cinema, it changed my life!!! I wanted to live, my suicidal thoughts stopped and Cars gave me the will to live!!!!

Because of Pixar creating and releasing this movie it made me think twice and give me a whole new look on life. It made me want to live for this movie!!!

So I have Pixar to thank alot for giving me hope and giving the world all these amazing movies they make.

Thank you Pixar!!!

Cars Stamp by Pharaonenfuchs - Cars Stamp - by toonartt - Cars 2 Stamp - by toonartt Cars 2 ROCKS by A-M4-COM

McQueen and Sally Stamp by FunAnnieh585 Cars - Sally Carrera Stamp by FunAnnieh585 Sheriff Stamp 2 by FunAnnieh585 Sheriff Stamp by FunAnnieh585 Doc Hudson Stamp 3 by FunAnnieh585 Doc Hudson Stamp 2 by FunAnnieh585 Lightning McQueen Stamp 3 by FunAnnieh585 Lightning McQueen Stamp by FunAnnieh585 Lightning McQueen Stamp 4 by FunAnnieh585 Fillmore and Sarge Stamp by googlememan DRH stamp by googlememan Cars - Doc Hudson Stamp 4 by FunAnnieh585 Cars - Fillmore and Sarge Stamp by FunAnnieh585 Cars - Chick Hicks Stamp by FunAnnieh585
Girl Cars Stamp 1 by buns-n-spurs Cars are my life Stamp by FragmentChaos Cars 3 - Logo Stamp (Black) by FunAnnieh585
- Professor Zundapp Stamp - by toonartt Axlerod Stamp by buns-n-spurs Finn - Stamp by A-M4-COM Siddeley - Stamp by A-M4-COM Finn McMissile Stamp by FunAnnieh585 Finn McMissile Stamp 3 by FunAnnieh585 Finn McMissile Stamp 2 by FunAnnieh585 Francesco Bernoulli Stamp by FunAnnieh585 - Grem Stamp - by toonartt - Acer Stamp - by toonartt
Cars 3 - Logo Stamp (Black) by FunAnnieh585
- Rod Torque Redline Stamp - by toonartt - Francesco Bernoulli Stamp - by toonartt - Tomber Stamp - by toonartt
Cars 3 - Lightning McQueen Stamp 5 by FunAnnieh585 Cars 3 - Jackson Storm Stamp by FunAnnieh585 Cars 3 - Cruz Ramirez Stamp by FunAnnieh585

Powerwolf Fan Button by albertweskerswife
Free! | Stamp by Luu-Elric Makoto Stamp by Superpluplush Rei stamp by Superpluplush [ STAMP | RIN MATSUOKA ] by BickslowFT Free! Stamp: Rin and Sosuke by wow1076 Free! Stamp 16 by wow1076 Free! Stamp: Makoto And Nagisa by wow1076 Rin stamp by Superpluplush Free!: Sousuke /Sosuke Yamazaki stamp by SakamakiJustine Free!: rei stamp by SakamakiJustine Free! Stamp: Makoto 9 by wow1076
I support... The Millennium by KikkaChan Major stamp by fireheart1001 Hellsing stamp by x-Thestral-x Real Vampires Don't Sparkle by F1yMordecai
Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan
Proud to be British by Wearwolfaa I Spell Color With A U Stamp by 02lyons Welsh and Proud by wales Wales Heart Stamp by l8 Welsh Heritage Stamp by QuetzalLeo
German Accents Stamp by buns-n-spurs Evil Chars Stamp by buns-n-spurs
Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 Okami stamp by Snow-Body Nagareboshi Gin Stamp by MarauderWolf93 Densetsu Weed Stamp by MarauderWolf93 Digimon Animated Stamp 004 by hanakt Renamon Stamp by SakuMccutcheon Digimon Animated Stamp 005 by hanakt Digimon Animated Stamp 007 by hanakt

Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
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Which FREE! Character Are You?
Which FREE! Character Are You?
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My interest's

My favorite animal is the Wolf, I love the wolf because they are a family orientated pack and my family are like wolves in a sense. I see my family as a wolf pack, my grandparent's being the elder's as well as the wise one's, my mother is Alpha my sister is Beta (even though she is younger than me) and I am Protector and Omega. I love how wolves hunt and how wolves live.

My Favourite Movie's are Pixar Cars 1 2 and 3 (including all the Cars shorts), Planes 1 and 2, Monsters VS Aliens, The Lorax, The Magic Roundabout (British version), Toy Story, A Bug's Life and Wreck It Ralph

My favorite character's from the movies listed above.

Cars 1 - ALL OF THEM!!!

Cars 2 - ALL OF THEM!!!!

Cars 3 - (Even though it's not out yet I WILL LOVE IT ALL)

Planes 1 - Dusty and Skipper.

Planes 2 - Cad Spinner, Dusty, Blade, Pulaski Secretary of the interior and Ryker.

Monsters VS Aliens - The Missing Link, Dr Cockroach, Bob and Susan/Ginormica.

The Lorax - The Onceler

The Magic Roundabout (British Version) Zebedee, Dylan, Sam and Zeebad.

Toy Story - Woody, Slinky, Ham, Rex and Buzz lightyear.

A Bug's Life - Flick and Hopper.

Wreck It Ralph - Ralph, Felix, and King Candy!!!

My favorite anime's are Hellsing Ultimate OVA, Free! Eternal summer, GANGSTA, Wolf's Rain, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densestu Weed, Hetalia Axis Power's and Black Butler.

From each anime my favourite character's are.

Hellsing Ultimate OVA - The Major/ Major Max Montana, Alucard, Captain, and Herr Dok.

Free! Eternal Summer - Sosuke, Rei, Rin and Makoto!!

GANGSTA - Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown.

Wolf's Rain - Blue, Kiba, Hige, Toube and Tsumi.

GNG - Gin, John, Riki, Cross, the 3 Kai Dogs and so much more.

GDW - Akame, John, Jerome, Weed, again so many more.

Hetalia - Germany, Italy, France, Britain, USA, Russia, and the Nordic family.

Black Butler - Bardroy.

Accounts that I owe and use to own.

Anukru - DA (Owned but is deactivated) and I was the Orginal founder the pixarcars2fanclub.deviantart.c…

This was my first ever DA account and it got deactivated.

MrsPaperAddict - DA (Owned but is deactivated)

This was my Third DA account, but it got hacked so I had to deactivate it.

MillenniumsWerewolf - DA (Own and still active)

But I do not use this account no more since I want to stay on this account from now on.



~ Youtube ~…

and on Msn my E-Mail address is

Thank you for looking and enjoy the artwork.
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Well, am quite surprized that many people want to know Lemonfizz alot, I have like 6 other wolf OCs and Lemonfizz is the most loved, thank you both for tagging me.

:iconshadowtoyotacelica: & :iconarctic-poppy:
Thank u both for choosing Lemonfizz, but this is going to be Lemonfizz in her wolf form and car form. so with out further or do. Lets talk about my OC lemonfizz.

 1. Post these rules.
 2. List eight facts about your character  .
 3. Tag eight other characters .
 4. List the names of the tagged character next to there creators usernames.

(In her wolf form)
LemonFizz Colour Sheet by DarkWolfOfWales

1. Lemonfizz was destined to become the Alpha of her pack, but when she was still a yearling her mother and father were killed by pouches, and being so young she could not take the role as Alpha. There fore a good friend of lemons father took the role while taking the role to train Lemon to become Alpha.  

2. Lemonfizz grew up to be mated by a rogue wolf called '' Worick '' they had 4 pups together. They had 3 males and 1 female. They were called

3. Lemonfizz's pups were killed by 
new Alpha's daughter out of spit. Lemonfizz discovers later that Alpha's daughter had killed her pups after the Alpha's daughter confesses while trying to kill her new batch of litter the baby lemon cars.

4. After taking in the lemon car's, (Which were the wolves greatest enemy due to the amount of wolves being killed by cars) the Pack made Lemonfizz an outcast, while ''Worick'' was killed in an ambush by the Alpha's daughter.

5. Even though Lemonfizz heritage is British, she lived in Germany at the time she discovered Zundapp and traveled around the world finding the other lemon cars along the way.

6. Lemonfizz suffer's from highlander Syndrome which has the ability to make you look younger then you actually are, Lemonfizz life's span is 130 years old, she is not immortal but she can deal with pain really well.

7. Lemonfizz later in her life gets scars and deep wounds from an attack by Finn's father (who sent on a mission to kill Lemonfizz, he thought he was successful, but in truth he failed ) After the attack Lemonfizz was in Coma, where a car by the name of '' Theo '' took Lemonfizz in until she was fit enough to get around and defend herself.

8. Lemonfizz does everything in her power to protect the lemon car's even if they are hurting other car's but later on with the help of :iconshadowtoyotacelica: she see's the destruction of her adopted sons and decides to take action and by a responsibly mother and let's justice do their work while she stands back.

Lemon In A Junkyard by DarkWolfOfWalesLets Take you Home by DarkWolfOfWalesTell Me Shadow by DarkWolfOfWales

And now for

(In car form)
LemonFizz As Cars by DarkWolfOfWales

1. Lemonfizz never wanted to be an Spy/agent, she wanted to become a Singer/performer, but due to her living with a poor family she could not afford the funds and had to stick to being a bar tender. 

2. Lemonfizz moved from Wales in the UK to Michigan Detroit to go on a Route 66 Drive, but she got caught up in the Spy/agent business after she was mistaken to being part of a gang that sold prostitutes and drugs and killing other gang members. This is where she meets Rod Redline where he interrogated her, but after proving that she was innocent Rod let her go, only to met up with her shortly after when Lemonfizz was caught up in a hostage situation to which she took down the Criminal herself. Seeing how capable Lemonfizz was offered to work for the CIA as a undercover agent, under the supervision of Rod himself.

3. Lemonfizz is not her really name, Lemonfizz is a name that she gave herself once she left for America. She won't tell anyone her real name though. She does have other code names. In her undercover mission with Rod; she is known as Miss Robin because its is not a name usual picked. she also goes by Blaidd (Which means wolf in Welsh). 

4. On her mission with Rod on the WGP Sabotage she goes under cover as the daughter of Rod in his gremlin form, at first the lemons are skeptical about Lemonfizz being the daughter of Rod, but as soon as Miles set his eyes on her, he immediately took Lemonfizz to be brain washed into believing that she was born only to pleasure the lemon males, since Lemonfizz was the only female. (Although she is very good at not showing she is brain washed)

5. Lemonfizz original body colour was light blue, later on getting a light green and white flame job, she soon ditched the colour for the green and yellow one to fit in with the Lemonfizz name.

6. Lemonfizz does snap out of her brain washed mode after she meet's :iconmoonwolf03: and :iconShadowtoyota: 

7. Lemonfizz has a secret crush on Vladimir, J Curby Gremlin, Grem and the Professor. (If she could she would do them all at once)

8. Lemonfizz is a heavy drinker only having cider and Vodka. her favorite drink is french doux cider.

Lucky For You by DarkWolfOfWales
The Rich Life by DarkWolfOfWales

This was quite hard to do, but I hope this gives you an insight to the life of Lemonfizz.


:iconmoonwolf03: - Rue (Cause she is so cute i want to know more)
:iconpookapookaa: Aurora Cooper (Human or car version, does not matter either one)
Am sorry I can not think of anyone else!!!

Thank you for taking your time to look at this.

Ciao Lemonfizz


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